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Tankless Water Heaters Part 2: Comfort Pumps

Tankless Water Heaters and Comfort Pumps

So, you have invested in a Tankless water heater, smart choice if we do say so ourselves. But, now you have noticed that it takes much longer to get hot water to your fixtures and you are not jazzed about that.

Why is this now an issue?

Well it is a unique problem for many Tankless water heaters, an issue that many companies are starting to fix on their end. See, older Tank style water heaters keep a constant amount of warm/hot water in the tank waiting to be used. With Tankless water heaters though, the water is heated as it passes the coils inside the unit as needed. This means it has to heat the water before sending it out to the fixtures instead of holding onto it like a traditional heater. To be sure it is not that your Tankless is not working and that is an important distinction.

How to fix that pesky annoyance

Enter comfort pumps, small machines that are installed next to your Tankless water heaters. This amazing machine keeps hot water pumping through your whole home waiting for you to use it. While this does require a little extra work by a professional plumber, it is worth it if you find the delay for hot water an annoyance. For many, this is not a huge issue but something they get used to, rarely does it interfere with fixtures. But, in case it is think of installing one when you install your tankless.

Also, many companies like Rinnai are starting to make Tankless water heaters with built in comfort systems that just require a home to have a recirculating line installed. This great news for homeowners and the future of Tankless water heaters

How soon can we get there?

Well, you are in luck! Four Star Plumbing can help you get the right comfort pump and installed your system in one day. Call us and see what specials we have going on as well.

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