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A Crash Course in Tankless Water Heaters

A Crash Course in Tankless Water Heaters

Having a Tankless Water heater can be one of the greatest investments a homeowner can have. They save space and if they start leaking they do not dump 40+ gallons of water into your home. Not to mention a high quality, well cared for tankless can last twice as long as a conventional tank heater. But they do come with some special care instructions to keep them running at peak performance.

What to look out for:

Mineral Build-up

If you live in an area with hard water, looking at you southern California, then you will find that your Tankless heater may get some hard mineral build up. When that is the case, having your heater descaled by your local plumbers every other year will help solve some of that problem. It will keep your heater running smoothly. To completely eliminate hard water, you should look into water filtration options. Lucky for you Four Star Plumbing are experts in whole home water filtration.

Error Lights

When you see the dreaded error code on your tankless, your heart drops, and your showers are no longer peaceful. But, it is okay. There are a myriad of codes, some just require a reset of the unit, others a trained plumber. But when you see them, its best to pull out your manual and see if you can find the simple fix.

Low water volume

Noticing that your water pressure around your home is kind of low? It could be due to your tankless water heater. When debris or buildup breaks off, they can get lodged in the heaters mesh screens. While that is part of the purpose of the screens, the downside is it restricts flow. Your best option is to call Four Star Plumbing and have us come out and clean out your unit.

So, you’ve had 1 or more of these issues, what can you do?

1. Have your tankless water heater receive maintenance every other year. Recommending descale and cleaning.
2. Look into investing in Whole Home Water filters, or an ION magnet. Both options will help alleviate build up and make your water heater last much longer.
3. Call Four Star Plumbing to inspect and recommend other options to assist with water volume, delayed heat issues, and other common problems.

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